Cheeky Besoms

Cheeky Besoms (Bizzms) are a Glasgow-based artists’ collective featuring musician Brian McFall, visual artist Louise Malone, and writers Ruby McCann and Jim Ferguson. We aim to put on live arts events and exhibitions in places where such events do not usually take place. In 2019 we will be hosting a series of spoken word and music events at the Calton Bar on Glasgow’s London Road as well as show-casing writers at the Aye Write Festival on Saturday March 23rd.


We prefer to highlight artists who engage with their locality, and with the breadth of humanity, in a non-elitist, humanistic style. People who see art as part and parcel of everyday life, the natural and democratic flowing and flowering of creativity from and between individuals and groups outwith marketing and hierarchical commercial interests are welcome to join us. Artists should of course be paid for their work and where possible paid well. From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs is a 19th century principle we’d very much like to remain current, vibrant and expansive.


So if you need company and poetry, music and drink we’ll be happy to meet you at the Calton Bar, London Road for our Alternative Burns Night on Tuesday January 22nd from 7pm. Cheers!